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Our company

We are a family owned business since 2006, when we first opened Happy Hound grooming in San Antonio, Texas. We have enjoyed every step of the way working with pets and taking care of them and their wellbeing. We are now the largest and most professional mobile grooming company in town. With the experience Happy Hound has given us, we have selected every product we use and consider it to be the best. The health and happiness of our four-legged customers are our main priority. They deserve only the best, and in our experience, that wagging tail gives nothing but a smile to our faces every time!

Our goal is to offer innovative, good quality and useful pet products, that both pet parents and furry friends can enjoy. We have carefully chosen every product we sell to meet the needs of our four legged best friends. Hope you find our website simple and easy so you can enjoy browsing through all our products.